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6" Key w/Red Camo

6" Key w/Urban Camo

7" Bones w/MultiCam

7" Bones w/Orange

Skeleton Knives with Paracord

The knives on this page are my Skeleton knives.   I currently make them in a 6" (KEY) and 7" (BONES) size which includes a pancake sheath that sits at a 45 degree angle. I use the same steel as my high end custom knives, the difference is in the finish, these are ground to a 60 grit.  For the handle, I use approximately 6' of paracord in a variety of colors.  I add a palm swell and a lanyard with knot for comfort and convenience.  If you're looking for a knife that will hold a good edge without spending a bundle, this is the answer for you!  Please allow up to 1-4 weeks for delivery depending on status of production. 

Thanks, Ruben.

Below : 6" Skeleton Key $200 w/Pancake sheath

Below: 7" Bones w/Paracord $250 includes Pancake sheath

Don't see a paracord color you like?  I have other in stock.  Contact me for info and availability.

7" Bones w/Urban Camo

7" Bones w/Blue Camo

6" Key w/Purple Camo

7" Bones w/Marines, Gold/Scarlet

6" Key w/Denim

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7" Bones w/Royal Purple

6" Key w/Neon Green/Black

6" Key w/Stars & Stripes

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