Rawhide Recessed Lanyard - loop or straight

Use as a pull to remove from sheath or cinch around your pinky finger and 
let it dangle so that you may have use of both hands.  As far as I know, I am the only one doing lanyards this way. Most of the ones you see are drilled through the handle which makes it uncomfortable to hold.

Price: $150

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Options:  Not only can you choose the handle material, you can also customize your knife even further by adding one or more of these options.

24K Gold Inlay

Have your custom knife personalized with your initials or name inlayed with 24k gold.  The letters are cut out with a chisel and the gold is hammered in and sanded smooth.  This can be done on pocket knife bolsters or fixed blade knife gaurds.

$125 per letter

 Rope File Work

Add rope file work on spine and butt of the knife for a special look.  Watch it glimmer like a multi-faceted diamond.

Price: $150