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     Hi, my name is Ruben Ramos. I have been custom knifemaking and leather working off and on for over 30 years.  With Weldon G. Whitley (my father-in-law) as a teacher, I have learned much about the knifemaking process.  I am now a full time maker.  I use the finest materials available and put all the time and skill necessary to produce a piece worthy of your satisfaction.  These items will be something you will be proud of and will treasure for years to come.   Each hunting knife comes with a custom leather sheath and every knife has my logo and a serial number.   Whether you're shopping for yourself, for someone who has everything, or a special client, let me help.

     Being a custom knifemaker, I can build to your specifications, or you can choose from one of my many patterns.  I offer skinners, drop points, clip points, butcher knives and filet knives.  The handle material available is abundant.  You can choose material such as mammoth ivory, staghorn, mother of pearl, jigged bone, buffalo horn, different dyed woods or a host of laminated woods.  

     I use the stock removal method as opposed to forging, which means that I start with flat bar stock and hollow out the knife using abrasive belts rather than hammering the knife into shape.  The process of making a knife is tedious and time consuming if done properly.  I start with a 36 grit sanding belt and work my way up to a 1000 grit belt ensuring that I remove the markings from the previous grit.  This is done on the flat part of the blade as well as the hollow part.  I then progress to a buffing wheel where the knife will be polished to a mirror finish.

     I heat treat the blades in a kiln and aim for a  hardness of 58-60 on the Rockwell scale.  This ensures that it will have good edge holding ability.  On the handles, I use bolts which are stainless steel screws with round, either stainless steel or brass nuts.  With a shoulder drilled into the handle material, these pins guarantee the handles are there to stay.  A similar process of sanding and buffing is done on the handles.

      100% of the knife and other items are made by me in my shop.  I accept credit cards, checks, PayPal, or money orders.  Contact me today!

Ruben Ramos